Bergen-Belsen Memorial Site

The obelisk and wall in honor of the victims was erected in 1947 on the orders of the British military occupation government. In the foreground, you can see one of the mass graves, and two more mass graves in the background.

The obelisk is surrounded by markers for significant dates: 1943 was the date that Bergen-Belsen became a detention camp for "exchange Jews." 1940 was the date the camp first opened as a prisoner of war camp and 1945 was the date of liberation.

Front view of the obelisk and wall which has inscriptions in many different languages, including English.

Inscriptions on the wall are in many languages. This photo shows the English inscription which reads: "To the memory of all those who died in this place."

Inscription on the wall behind the obelisk expresses the deep sadness of the German people for the deaths of the Sinti (Gypsies) in the Holocaust.

A plaque near the wall behind the obelisk honors the Bergen-Belsen victims: political opponents of the Nazis, and Jews, Gypsies, Jehova's Witnesses and homosexuals.

Memorial grave stones


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