Ash Pits at Birkenau

Pond where ashes from Krema IV were dumped

In the photo above, you can see the ash pond for Krema IV in the foreground and the Central Sauna in the background. On the right in the background, you can see the ruins of Krema IV. Krema V is located on the other side of a road that runs east and west. It has its own ash pond that has now dried up.

In the background of the photo below, you can see the round brick structures of the water treatment plant for the Birkenau camp. In the foreground, you can see what looks like a small bog garden. This is where the ashes from the crematory ovens in Krema III were thrown. The dried up ash pond for Krema V looks very similar. The second photo below shows the black markers in four languages that identify the ash pit for Krema III.

Ash pit near Krema III

Markers in four languages identify Krema III ash pit

Ash pit on the left, at Krema II ruins

The photo above shows the ash pit where the ashes from the crematory ovens in Krema II were thrown. In the background on the left is the ruins of the underground gas chamber in Krema II. On the right is the collapsed roof of the brick building where the bodies were cremated.

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