Locke, California

Historic Chinese Town

Old toilet bowls hold potted plants

Most of the residents of Locke today are non-Chinese. The town has only one residential street, which parallels the Main Street. The main industry in the town is tourism; many people come to Locke to see and photograph the historic buildings. Locke is also a popular place for the locals in the Delta, who come to enjoy a steak dinner at Al the Wop's or a plate of Beef Chow Fun at the Locke Garden Chinese restaurant.

At the south end of Key street stands a house with "potted plants" growing in old toilet bowls. Midway along the street on the west side is a door with an advertisement for a housekeeper; this sign has been there for over a year when I visited for the second time in 2002. Behind the wooden walls with peeling paint, there are people living in in these houses, as evidenced by the Venetian blinds in the windows.

Employment opportunity for housekeeper in Locke, 2002

Window in building on Locke Street

West side of Key Street, looking south

House on Key Street in Locke

Letters on porch spell out "The House"

Wooden walkway connects Key Street with Main Street

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