Locke, California

Historic Chinese Town

Locke Garden is a popular restaurant in Locke

The three earliest buildings in Locke were built in 1912 before the town was established. The first building in the tiny hamlet of Lockeport, which was built in 1912 by Tin Sin Chan, is now a Chinese restaurant named Locke Garden. It was originally built as a saloon. In 1915, additional buildings were built and the name of the town was shortened to Locke.

One of the three original buildings is the one at the south end of Main Street on the west side, which was a gambling hall built by Yuen Lai Sing. Another is the boarding house across from it on Levee Street. This cluster of 3 buildings, constructed by Tin Sin Chan and other men from the Chungshan district in the Kwangtung province in China, were known as Lockeport because the land was owned by George Locke.

The first building on the River Road that visitors see, if they arrive in Locke from the north, is the Yuen Chong general store and meat market. There is a place for visitor parking across the road from the store. The name Yuen Chong means "horn of plenty" in English.

This building was built in 1916 and is still in use

Two story buildings built against the levee along River Road

Building on River Road in historic Locke, CA

The buildings shown in the photos below were built between 1915 and 1920 at a cost of $1,200 each. They are two-story buildings constructed against the side of the levee, fronting on the River Road which runs on top of the levee. Bridges connect the front doors with the road. The whole town of Locke is a California State Historical Landmark.

Renovation of Locke's historic buildings is restricted

The Star Theater, which formerly showed black and white movies and also hosted live performances, is one of the historic buildings that has been preserved in Locke. It is a two story building with the top floor fronting on the River Road, while the ground floor, which formerly housed a gambling hall, fronts on Main Street below.

This view shows that the buildings are two stories high

Buildings on the River Road, now overgrown with weeds

People still live in some of these buildings

Alleys & Stairs

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