View coming out of the Jewish Memorial, looking toward foundations of former barracks and guard towers

Unlike the infamous Birkenau camp in Poland which had barrack buildings with dirt floors, the barracks at Dachau were set on concrete foundations which still remain after the wooden buildings were torn down. Behind the spot where the Jewish Memorial now stands, there was originally a half-timbered disinfection hut for delousing the clothing of the prisoners to prevent typhus epidemics. After the Americans liberated the camp, DDT was used to disinfect everything. The hut was torn down like most of the camp buildings after the camp was abandoned in the 1950ies. The small white buildings are the guard towers where, day and night, an SS guard would have a machine gun trained on the prisoners in the camp. As the Americans approached to liberate the camp, the German guards flew white flags of surrender from these towers, according to survivor Nerin E. Gun.

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