Jewish Memorial built in 1965

When the Dachau camp was liberated, there were 2,539 Jewish survivors, including 225 women, according to the American Army census. According to a survivor, Nerin E. Gun, most of these Jews had been brought to the Dachau camp from Poland in the final days of the war and some of them had been in the camp for only a few days when the American Army liberated the camp. The Jewish Memorial in remembrance of the Holocaust victims is located at some distance from the other Memorials on the east side of the camp just in front of the wall at the north end of the camp. In front are the concrete foundations which are all that remain of the barracks buildings. Behind the Memorial is the former location of the original disinfection hut for clothing when the camp was in operation. The white building to the left, behind the poplar trees, is the Catholic Carmelite convent, which was built in 1964. Click on the link below which takes you to another web site, or click on the picture above to continue the Virtual Tour.

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