Looking toward the Catholic Memorial at the end of the Lagerstrasse

Besides the International Memorial shown here in the foreground, there are four religious Memorials representing the Catholic, Protestant, Russian Orthodox and Jewish religions at the Dachau Memorial Site, as well as a Catholic convent accessible through a former guard tower of the camp. The Catholic Memorial was the first to be built in 1960 and it occupies the most prominent spot at the north end of the main camp road. This view shows the two reconstructed barracks buildings on either side of the main camp road, lined with poplar trees ,with the Catholic Memorial in the center of the picture. In the foreground is the sculpture of the International Memorial in memory of the prisoners from 37 countries who were incarcerated here. Click on the link below which takes you to another web site where you can learn more about the Catholic Priests who were prisoners at Dachau, or click on the picture above to continue the Virtual Tour.

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