Looking across the Roll Call Square toward the main gate and the barracks on the west side of the main camp road

This picture gives you an idea of how huge the Roll Call Square is. Prisoners had to parade across this square like soldiers in boot camp. Discipline was very strict in the camp. Below is the beginning text of a document in the Dachau Memorial Site Museum, dated October 1, 1933 which makes clear the Nazi attitude regarding discipline.

Discipline and Penal Code for the Prison Camp


The following penal regulations have been issued within the framework of already existing camp regulations for the maintenance of discipline and order in the Dachau concentration camp.

All prisoners in the Dachau concentration camp are subject to these regulations from the moment they enter until the time of their release.

Executive disciplinary powers are vested in the Commandant, who is personally responsible to the Chief of Political Police for carrying out the prescribed regulations.

Tolerance is a sign of weakness. Therefore action will be taken without consideration, if and where the Nation's interests demand it. The decent citizen who has been incited will not be subjected to punishments laid down in these penal regulations, but let any political or intellectual agitators, whatever their leanings, pay heed: take care that you are not caught or you will be seized by the throat and silenced according to your own prescriptions.

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