View of the Main Gate to the camp, looking west across the broad expanse of gravel in the Roll Call Square

The building with the red-tiled roof in the background is the Jourhaus or gate house which was the only entrance to the Concentration Camp. The entrance through the gated archway is large enough for an automobile to drive through. Notice the line of trees hiding the camp from the town residents. The grounds of the camp was originally a pine and fir forest which was cleared in order to build a munitions factory in World War I, which later became the site of the Concentration Camp. The Roll Call Square was covered with gravel to prevent mud in the camp, according to Michael Selzer who wrote "Deliverance Day" about the liberation of the camp.The prisoners would march across the Appellplatz (Roll Call Square) shown in the foreground, and out through the gate to work, often singing or marching to the accompaniment of music being played by the camp band. There were also workshops in the camp. To see a picture of a Dachau prisoner at work, click on the link below, or click on this picture to continue the Virtual Tour.

Picture from Museum exhibit showing prisoner at work in Dachau camp

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