Guard tower and strip of grass in front of ditch

The strip of grass shown here in front of the ditch along the fence was 27 feet from the wall surrounding the camp. Note that most of the ground in the camp is covered with gravel. There were no flower beds inside the grounds of the camp when I visited it in May 1997, although the Museum Guidebook mentions that the camp had well-tended flower beds when this was a Concentration Camp. A double row of poplar trees lines the main road down the center of the camp, but the grounds are mostly bare of trees. When I vistied the camp in May 1997, there was a small garden plot on the west side of the camp which had prepared soil, but nothing had been planted there. Everything about the camp was stark and bleak and there was the feeling of obsessive order and cleanliness. Now that the thousands of prisoners who once lived and died here are gone, the camp looks completely desolate and an eerie silence prevails.

Picture from Museum exhibit showing Himmler on visit to Dachau

Postcard picture of barbed wire fence

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