Map of the town of Dachau

The Memorial Site at the former Concentration Camp is # 1 in the upper right hand corner of this map, at Alte-Roemar-Strasse 75 in Dachau. The camp is 12 miles northwest of the city of Munich in Upper Bavaria. The row of red-roofed buildings behind the camp walls are the former double villas, which were the residences of administrative personnel of the factory that was built during World War I where the former Concentration Camp is now located.The railroad tracks are represented by the black and white line going from top to bottom through the middle of the map, and the railroad station is #19 approximately in the middle of the map. #2 at the very top of the map marks the former German SS soldiers' firing range at Herbertshausen where Russian Prisoners of War were executed. South of the firing range, #3 at the top of the map designates the place where the bodies of the prisoners who died prior to, or just after the camp's liberation, were buried, on instructions of the American Army, by Dachau farmers in a cemetery on Leitenberg hill. Others were buried in the town cemetery of Dachau. Before 1940 when the camp acquired a two-retort crematory, the prisoners who died in the Dachau Concentration Camp were buried in mass graves at Leitenberg hill and other cemeteries. This map is on the back cover of the pamphlet about Dachau , available free at the Museum.

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