Bus stop for shuttle bus to former concentration camp in Dachau

The red building in the picture above, behind the bus stop under the umbrella, is in the charming town of Dachau, which dates back to the year 805, according to a pamphlet available at the Memorial Site Museum. Dachau was originally a market town where local farmers came to the cattle market, but beginning in 1840, Dachau became an artists' colony, made famous by artists such as Carl Spitzweg and Max Liebermann. By 1870, Dachau had become the most famous artists' colony in Germany. This information is from a pamphlet about the historic town of Dachau, available at the Museum. Click on any of the links below to see pictures, scanned from the pamphlet, of paintings by famous Dachau artists. After clicking on the first link, you can then proceed directly to the next link by clicking inside the picture of the first painting, or return to this picture by clicking "Back" on your web browser. When you click on the picture of the last painting, you will rejoin the Virtual Tour, or you can click on the picture above to skip the paintings and proceed with the Virtual Tour.

Painting of Dachau by J.A. Sedlmayr in 1840

Painting of ancient village of Dachau by Sebastian Habenschaden in 1839

Painting of cattle market in Dachau by Karl Stuhlmueller around 1890

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