American tourist checks out the map of Dachau while waiting for shuttle bus to the camp

Note the advertisement for a McDonald's fast food restaurant located near the parking lot for the Memorial Site at the former Dachau Concentration Camp. Across the street from this billboard is the bus stop for bus # 726 to the Memorial Site which is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. This tourist has his water bottle, but neglected to bring a sack lunch. There is no food available inside the grounds of the Memorial Site, not even a snack machine. For lunch you will have to leave the grounds of the former camp, but there is a nice restaurant close-by, in addition to McDonald's. Click on the link below to go the JDL web site and read about the protest against McDonald's for placing a fast food restaurant so close to a Holocaust memorial, or click inside the picture above to continue the Virtual Tour.

JDL Protests (You Can Too): Close McDonalds at Dachau

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