Happy survivors greet the liberators

The prisoners at the Dachau camp were from every country in Europe with the exception of Monaco, according to Marcus J. Smith who wrote that there was a total of 70,000 prisoners liberated by the American Army in the Dachau area, including the prisoners at the satellite camps. On liberation day, there were 1,173 German prisoners, including 6 women, according to the American Army census. In his book "Inside the Vicious Heart," Robert H. Abzug wrote that there was a total of approximately 60,000 Jewish survivors in all the liberated concentration camps in Germany, and that 20,000 of them died within a week of liberation, because they were in such weakened condition after being transferred to Germany from the camps in Poland during the last months of the war. There were 137 "Distinguished Prisoners" and their dependents who were incarcerated at Dachau, including the former Austrian chancellor, Kurt von Schuschnigg and his 4 year old daughter; the former French premier, Leon Blum; Italian General Sante Garibaldi; the former Prime Minister of Hungary, Von Kallay; a nephew of Winston Churchill and a relative of Molotov; Protestant Pastor Martin Niemoeller; and two German generals who had been arrested in the plot to kill Hitler, General von Halder and General von Flakenhauser.

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