American soldiers discover dead bodies in open freight car on train bound for Dachau

This photo from the exhibition at the Museum at the Memorial Site of the former Dachau Concentration Camp shows American soldiers viewing the bodies of victims, who died while being transfered in an open boxcar, on a freight train with 50 cars, from other concentration camps in Poland to Dachau during the final days of World War II. The abandoned train, with its grisly cargo, was discovered on a railroad siding near the entrance to the camp, just before the soldiers arrived at the Dachau camp, and found an even more horrible scene with dead bodies piled up inside the camp. According to survivor Nerin E. Gun, there were 2,310 corpses found on the train and on the ground nearby, including 21 children and 83 women. He wrote that these victims were Hungarian and Polish Jews from concentration camps in the east, who had been on a journey of 30 to 40 days to the Dachau camp. Many more prisoners died after the liberation of the Dachau camp because they were unaccustomed to eating the amount and type of food given to them by the Americans, or because they were too weak to recuperate from typhus, even with medical treatment provided by the American Army doctors, who were seeing typhus for the first time in their careers, according to Marcus J. Smith in his book "The Harrowing of Hell".

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