Aerial View of Memorial Site at former Dachau Concentration camp

This postcard aerial view shows the former Dachau Concentration Camp diagonally across the center of the picture. Notice the line of poplar trees along the left side of the picture which delineates the camp wall on that side. Just in front of the line of trees, you can see the white building on the left hand side which is the Jourhaus, or original main gate to the camp. The original operations building of the camp, which is now the Museum, is the wide U-shaped building with a dark roof that you see at the end of the camp closest to the bottom of the picture. At the other end of the camp, you can see the Catholic Memorial Chapel in the middle, at the end of the main camp road outlined by a double row of popular trees which look like black dots in this picture. To the right of the Catholic Chapel is the Jewish Memorial Temple and to the left of the Catholic Chapel is the Protestant Memorial Chapel. The white buildings outside the wall of the camp between the Catholic Memorial Chapel and the Jewish Memorial Temple are the Carmelite convent. The gas chamber and crematoria building, known as Barrack X, is hidden by the clump of trees outside the far left corner of the camp. You can see the two reconstructed barracks buildings just beyond the Roll Call Square in front of the operations building. There are four white guard towers in the picture, three on the right side and one in the middle of the wall on the left. Another guard tower has been converted into an entrance to the Carmelite convent. Click on this picture to see the second aerial view photo from the Museum exhibit at Dachau and then click on that picture to rejoin the Virtual Tour.

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