Wewelsburg Castle near Paderborn, Germany

Wewelsburg castle is the only one in Germany with three corners

Photo Credit: www.wewelsburg.de

In the photo above, the North tower is on the upper left hand side. On the upper right hand side is the West tower. The entrance to the triangular castle courtyard is on the wall between the North tower and the West tower. At the top of the photo, one can see the red rooftops of houses in the village of Wewelsburg.

Wewelsburg castle overlooks the Alme valley

Photo Credit: www.egge.net

Model in Museum shows the same side of the castle as the photo above

Model shows rear of Castle with North Tower on the right, May 2008

The models shown in the two photos above are in the District Museum inside the castle. The photo immediately above shows the entrance to the inner courtyard of the castle on the left. The wall at the bottom of the model surrounds a lower courtyard which is accessible by steep stairs which are behind the viewer, but not shown on the model.


North Tower

SS Generals Hall

SS Vault (Crypt)

Witches Dungeon

Niederhagen Concentration Camp

District Museum

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