Tour of Sachsenhausen Memorial Site

Memorial Stone inside the former Sachsenhausen camp

According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, there were approximately 140,000 registered prisoners in the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, and at least 30,000 of them died there. These figures do not include the Russian POWs, who were Communist Commissars. The Commissars were brought to Sachsenhausen to be executed at the firing range, per Adolf Hitler's written order, made just before the invasion of the Soviet Union on July 22, 1941. The photograph above shows a memorial stone inside the former camp.

To your left, after you come through the gate house, you will see two long infirmary barracks which housed the camp hospital and the pathology department. They are shown in the photograph below. The brown stones in the foreground, which look like coffins, are markers which designate the sites of the former barrack buildings.

Infirmary barracks in the background, markers for barracks in foreground

On the west side of the camp, to your left after you enter through the gate house, is a wall which separates the industrial area, called the Industry Yard, from the prison enclosure, as shown in the photograph below. When the Memorial Site was designed, a section of this wall was moved so that visitors could have access to the location of the gas chamber and the crematorium, which was outside the prison enclosure.

The first photograph below shows the wall and the second photo shows the ruins of the crematorium building with the floor of the gas chamber in the foreground and the execution pit in the background.

Wall on the left separated industrial area from the prison enclosure

Floor of the gas chamber in the foreground, execution pit in the background

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