Industry Yard at Sachsenhausen

Wall on west side of camp separated Industry Yard from prison enclosure

The Industry Yard (Industriehof) was an area located outside the prison enclosure on the west side of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Inmates in the camp were forced to work in factories in the yard. A brick wall, topped with barbed wire, separated the yard from the prisoners barracks.

The photograph above shows the west side of the former concentration camp with the wall and guard tower that separates the camp from the Industry Yard. One of the buildings in the Industry Yard, shown in the photograph below, has been used to house a new Museum to the Sinti and Roma victims of the Holocaust.

The execution site, nicknamed Station Z, was located behind the wall in the Industry Yard. When the former concentration camp was turned into a Memorial Site, a section of the wall was moved back, so that tourists could visit Station Z, which is the location of the Crematorium building that was blown up in 1953.

Road through Industry Yard; building on the left is now the Gypsy Museum

Entrance into guard tower was through a door in the Industry Yard

Building in the Industry Yard, monument in the background

Factory buildings in Industry Yard on west side of camp

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