Virtual Tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Spital bastion at the southern end of the town of Rothenburg

The Spital Bastion is located at the end of the Spitalgasse in the southern part of the town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The Spitaltor (Spital Gate) faces a busy road which is behind the camera in the photo above. The Spital Bastion was built around 1586; it has two inner courtyards and an adjacent moat.

The photo below shows one of the inner gates of the Spital Bastion.

Bridge over moat leads to interior door of Spital bastion

Spital tower has Eagle emblem of Rothenburg

Closeup of black eagle emblem on Spital Tower

Spital tower and a section of the bastion

If you walk south on the Spitalgasse to the Spital Bastion, you will first come to the gate shown in the photo below. Inside the gate is a large courtyard with trees.

Entrance into the Spital bastion from Spitalgasse

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