Virtual Tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Former administrative building and Hospital Church on Spitalgasse

Hospital Church on Spitalgasse

Little cottage on Spitalgasse with flower garden in front

To get to the Rossmühle or Nag's Mill, shown in the photo below, make a right turn at the little cottage on Spitalgasse, shown in the photo above.

The Rossmühle was built in 1516. The mill stone inside was turned by 16 nags or horses. There were mills that used water to turn the grindstone in the Tauber valley, but the residents of Rothenburg needed a mill inside the city wall so that they would have flour for bread when the city was under siege.

Rossmühle (Nag's Mill) is now a Youth Hostel

If you follow the road that goes past the mill and turn to your left at the end of the road, you will first come to the Kalkturm and then to the Stöberleinsturm.

From an open window on the ground floor of the Kalkturm, you can get a good view of Rothenburg. On the left, you can see the two spires of St. Jacob's Church; in the center is the white tower of the old city hall, and on the right is the tower above the Röder Arch.

View of Rothenburg ob der Tauber from the Kalkturm

Spires of St. Jakob's Church, City hall and Röder Arch tower





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