Virtual Tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

View of Siebers Tower from Spitalgasse

After passing through the arch of the Siebers Tower on Schmiedgasse, you will be in the Kappenzipfel, which is the southern extension of the city. The name of the street changes to Spitalgasse (Hospital Lane) because there was formerly a hospital at the end of the lane. The photo above was taken from the Spitalgasse, looking back toward the Plönlein. On both sides of the Siebers tower, there is a yellow half-timbered house.

The two photos below show the Siebers Tower, taken from the Spitalgasse side. Note the small faces carved into some of the bricks at the top of the tower and underneath the clock. These faces were supposed to ward off evil and especially the plague.

Small faces on the bricks of Siebers tower warded off evil

Closeup of face at the top of the tower





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