Virtual Tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber Market Place

The photo above shows a tour group standing on the Marktplatz (Market Place) in front of the Ratsherrentrinkstube (City Councilors' Tavern), which is in the middle of the photo. On the left is the Renaissance facade of the Town Hall, built between 1572 and 1578 under the direction of architect Leonhard Weidmann; the Baroque arcade was added in 1681. The Market Place is on sloping ground; note the steps up to the arcade in the foreground and the end of the arcade on level ground in the background.

City Councilors' Tavern

The Market Place is the center of activity in Rothenburg: walking tours, horse and buggy rides and the night watchman's tour start here. You can even take a rickshaw ride around the town. The entrance to the tourist information office is on the right side of the City Councilors' Tavern, shown above.

The main clock on the building shown in the photo above was installed in 1683. The windows on each side of the clock open on the hour and the scene of the Meistertrunk is played. Former mayor Nusch is shown drinking 3 and a quarter liters of Franconian wine from a huge tankard, while General Tilly watches in amazement. According to legend, Nusch saved the town from destruction by performing this feat on October 31, 1631 during the Thirty Years War.

Market Place in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

The photo below shows St. George's fountain above Herterichs Well. This well, which is 8 meters deep, is the largest of the 40 wells in the city of Rothenburg. The decorations on the fountain date back to 1608.

Georgsbrunnen (St. George's Fountain)

The building shown in the photo below was built in 1488. Note the oriel window on the corner of the house.

Jagstheimhaus (Jagstheim House)

Fleisch und Tanzhaus (Meat and Dance Hall)

The Meat and Dance Hall was built on the foundation of the city's first Town Hall which burned down in 1240. The ground floor was where the butchers of the town sold meat, while the upstairs was a dance hall. This building now has an art exhibition, showing artwork done by local artists.

The photo below shows the Ratstube, a restaurant on the east side of the Market Place. This place serves traditional Franconian food and is inexpensive.

Ratstube faces the new Rathaus

German band marching past the Rathaus after a concert

Many special events are held at the Market Place, including the Christmas market in December, the shepard's dance and frequent concerts by bands wearing costumes, as shown in the photo above.

Herrengasse - Christmas Village




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