Virtual Tour of Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Cage for dunking dishonest bakers displayed at the Criminal Museum

Shown in the photo above is the building which houses the Criminal Museum, located on the Burggasse in the oldest part of the city. On the side of the building is displayed the dunking stool which was used to punish bakers whose bread was too light. Dishonest bakers were dipped into the well on the Market Place.

The Criminal Museum has four stories of displays that cover 2000 square feet. In the basement are displays of torture instruments such as the rack.

In the lobby of the building is displayed an Iron Maiden, shown in the photo below.

An Iron Maiden in the lobby of the Criminal Museum

Neck violins and masks were used to shame and humiliate criminals

Neck violins on display in Criminal Museum

Two chastity belts on display

The museum gives a lot of information about how quarrelsome women were punished by being forced to wear a neck violin, which was a wooden board with holes for the head and hands. Sinful women were put inside an Iron Maiden. Some women were forced to wear a chastity belt, like the two shown in the photo above, to protect their virginity.

Marriage Door in St. Jakob's church

A bride who was not a virgin had to wear a headpiece made out of braided straw and she was not permitted to enter the church through the traditional "marriage door." The photo above shows a small door, less than six feet high, opening into St. Jakob's Church, which was designated as the marriage door.

The Criminal Museum is located in the former seminary of the Order of St. John; right next to it is St. John's church which is now modern inside. The photo below shows a modern sculpture in front of a stained glass window which has replaced the main altar in St. John's Church.

Modern altar in St. John's Church near the Criminal Museum

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