Entrance to Treblinka camp

Road into Treblinka camp

When you finally arrive at the entrance to the site of the former Treblinka extermination camp, you are on what looks like an old logging road, which goes through another dense forest. If you had wandered into this area by mistake, you might think that you had just entered a campground in a national forest. Everything is quiet and serene with only the sound of a few birds. The photograph above shows the entrance road, taken from inside the camp.

As shown in the photo above, the caretaker's house is on the left as you leave the camp, and there is a small wooden building with a sign on it which says Bistro, shown in the photo below. After my visit to the camp, I stopped there for a cup of tea, but the place was closed. There were no other visitors at the former camp when I arrived there in October 1998. A busload of rowdy high school students arrived a short time later, and were admonished by my guide to be quiet.

Bistro at entrance to Treblinka camp sells refreshments

Just beyond the Bistro is a narrow parking lot and a small building where you can buy postcards or a three-page pamphlet printed in several languages. There is a covered arcade area open to the elements in front of the building, where huge blowups of several famous Holocaust photographs are hung, along with a poster with some information about Janusz Korczak, a Jewish director of an orphanage, who accompanied a group of orphans to the Treblinka camp, and died along with them. The photograph below shows this building.

Tourist center at Treblinka sells pamphlets and postcards

Memorial Stones



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