Amon Goeth's Daughter Monika

Monika Göth in front of Amon Göth's villa at Plaszow

Photo Credit: Don Holtz

Shown in the photo above is Monika Göth standing at the rear of the house where Amon Goeth, the Commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp, lived with his mistress Ruth Irene Kalder, who was Monika's mother. This was the last of the three houses where Goeth and his mistress lived during his time at the camp.

The balcony on the upper story of the house in the photo is where Goeth shot prisoners in the camp with a high powered rifle when Plaszow was a labor camp and not yet under the jurisdiction of the SS Economic Administrative Main Office in Oranienburg, according to Thomas Keneally's novel Schindler's Ark, on which the movie Schindler's List was based. After the camp became a concentration camp, Goeth was not allowed to shoot prisoners at random, according to the novel. At the time that Plaszow was a labor camp, Goeth and his mistress Ruth Irene Kalder did not live in the house shown above.

Still shot from the movie Schindler's List

The photo above shows Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth, shooting prisoners in the Plaszow camp in the movie Schindler's List. In the background is the quarry where Steven Spielberg built a replica of the Plaszow camp. The actual camp was in another quarry nearby, which was not visible from Amon Goeth's balcony. Note that the balcony shown in the movie was not the balcony of Goeth's villa.

The quarry where Schindler's List was filmed

The color photo at the top of this page is a still photo from a documentary film entitled "Inheritance," which is about Monika Goeth's struggle to come to terms with her inheritance as the child of Nazi monster Amon Goeth.

Monika Göth was born in November 1945. Her father was executed by hanging on September 13, 1946 when Monika was 10 months old. His last words were "Heil Hitler."

Portrait of Monika Göth, daughter of Amon Göth and Ruth Irene Kalder

Photo Credit: Don Holtz

According to David Crowe, in his book "Oskar Schindler," Ruth Irene Kalder had her name and her daughter's name legally changed to Göth with the help of Amon Franz Göth, Amon's father. Ruth claimed that she and Amon were engaged to be married but because of the chaos at the end of the war, the marriage was never performed. Ruth called Amon by his childhood nickname "Mony" and named her daughter Monika after him. Ruth defended Goeth until the end of her life; she said in an interview in 1983 that Goeth was no worse than the other SS men. She described him as a cultured man who had a beautiful singing voice and impeccable manners.

According to David Crowe's book, Monika spent her days riding horses and playing tennis and her evenings at lavish parties in the villa. Ruth claimed that she never went to the Plaszow concentration camp, where Amon Goeth was the Commandant.

Monika poses in front of Amon Göth's villa

Photo Credit: Don Holtz

In the background of the photo above is the rear of Amon Goeth's villa at Plaszow, where he allegedly shot prisoners in the camp with a high-powered rifle from the balcony.

Monika Göth speaks with Helen Jonas, Amon Göth's maid

Photo Credit: Don Holtz

The photo above shows Helen Sternlicht Jonas on the left and Monika on the right. In the background is the Jewish memorial stone at the site of the former Plaszow camp. Goeth had two Jewish maids, both named Helen, who lived at his villa. Helen Hirsch Horowitz, the older of the two, was the maid that was featured in the film Schindler's List.

Amon Goeth's house

Amon Goeth, Commandant of Plaszow


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