Jewish Market in Kazimierz

Market Square in Kazimierz

The former Jewish market place in Kazimierz was at plac Nowy (New Plaza) shown in the photograph above. In the middle of the square is a round building which housed a ritual slaughter house for Kosher meat. The outdoor market is still popularly referred to as the Jewish market place, although the people who now sell produce and other merchandise there are non-Jewish. The photo below shows more of the market place with the old buildings of the Jewish quarter in the background.

Kazimierz Jewish market place

There are two restaurants, both claiming to serve authenic Jewish food and both named Ariel, which are side by side at number 17 and number 18 on the east side of ulica Szeroka, which means Wide Street in English. The cafe at number 17 has evening concerts of Jewish and Gypsy music, while the one at number 17 has a menu featuring Kosher food.

Two Kosher cafes, both named Ariel, are at #17 and #18 Szeroka St.

Kosher cafe at #18 Szeroka Street in Kazimierz

Next door at number 16 ul. Szeroka, but not shown here, is the site of the former Poper or Stork's Synagogue, which is set back from the street. Farther down the street at number 22 is the former Na Gorce Synagogue. All of these buildings were formerly owned by the wealthy Jekeles family who were the founders of the Ajzyck Synagogue on ul. Kupa.

Kazimierz Bath House

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