Cottage gardens in Poland

Brick and stucco house with cottage garden

The small white house with the charming cottage garden in the front, pictured above, was one of my favorites of all the the beautiful houses I saw along the road between Krakow and Auschwitz. There are some new houses along this route, mostly three stories high with a one car garage, but I prefer the old cottages which have just the right look of genteel shabbiness.

As you get closer to Auschwitz, you leave the region known as Malopolska (Little Poland) and enter the province of Upper Silesia, which is in an industrial area called the Black Triangle because of the air pollution from the factories. Here the houses begin to lose their charm, and are mostly made of gray stucco or concrete blocks. Now there are more weeds in the fields and the farms look neglected. The land becomes more rolling and you sense that you have left Poland and entered another country, which in fact, you have. Upper Silesia was at one time settled by German people and the town of Auschwitz was founded by the Germans in the year 1270. After the end of the Nazi occupation in World War II, the town of Auschwitz reverted back to its Polish name Oswiecim, pronounced "Osh-VEN-chim".

Yellow is one of the favorite house colors in Poland, as for example, the houses in the two photos below.

Charming old house in Poland

Farm house between Krakow and Auschwitz

Polish house with cottage garden in front


Little Chapels