Desourteaux garage in Oradour-sur-Glane

The photo above shows the garage which belonged to Hubert Desoureaux, son of Dr. Paul Desourteaux, the mayor of the town, and the brother of Dr. Jacques Desourteaux whose car is on the Fairgrounds. Hubert Desourteaux lived on a farm outside the village; he hid from the SS soldiers and did not go to the assembly point on the Fairgrounds that day because he was an escaped Prisoner of War.

The photo below shows Rue de Emile Desourteaux, the main street, which was named after Hubert Desourteaux's great-grandfather. In the center is the Desourteaux garage, one of the sites where the men of the town were massacred.

The plaque on the left in the photo above reads "Ici Lieu de Supplice, Un Groupe D'Hommes Fut Massacre et Brule par les Nazis. Recueillezvous." which means "Place of torture. A group of men were massacred and burnt by the Nazis." There are six such signs, one at each of the killing sites where a total of 190 men were shot.

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