Bouchoule Barn in Oradour-sur-Glane

The photo above shows the Bouchoule Barn on the extreme right, adjacent to a three story building with a peaked roof. The Bouchoule Barn was one of the killing sites, where the men of the village were shot and their bodies were burned. The bodies of a few women and children were also found in this barn, which is located across the road from the presbytery next to the church.

In the foreground of the photo above is the ruins of the building located just north of the buildings shown at the top of the page. In a book entitled "Oradour, Village of the Dead," the author, Philip Beck, identified the ruins in the foreground as the Bouchole Barn. In the background of the photo above is the building that is identified on a map in the official guide to the ruins as the Bouchoule Barn. Note the difference in the spelling of the name. A booklet about the Permanent Exhibition in the Center of Memory has a map which also spells the name Bouchole.

The photo below shows the building that is directly across the road from the church. In this photo, the Bouchoule barn is to the right, but hidden behind the three story building. The green sign on this building says "Cordonnier" which means cobbler or shoemaker. The building right next to it on the right, which was identified by Philip Beck as the Bouchole barn, appears to be the ruins of a barn.


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