Beaulieu garage in Oradour-sur-Glane

The photo above shows the corner of the Beaulieu building which has a sign telling visitors that this was one of the locations where the village men were murdered. The rusty old car on the fairgrounds is behind the camera in this view. On the far left in this photo, you can see tourists entering Rue de Desourteaux from the entrance road which intersects Rue de Desourteaux, the main street.

The photo below shows a view of the barn from the other side. The old car on the Fairgrounds is in the background on the right.

Notice the tall weeds in the center of the photo above. Mostly, the village is maintained so that only attractive plants are found among the ruins. The grass is cut and the trees are trimmed. The ruins do not have an abandoned, overgrown look, as you might expect. The village is maintained so that it looks the way it was found the day after the massacre.

The photo below, taken early on a foggy morning, shows the Beaulieu garage on the left and the entrance to the Fairgrouds on the right.

Milord Barn

Bouchoule Barn


Desourteaux garage

Laudy barn

Denis Storehouse