Les Bordes road in Oradour-sur-Glane

The photo above shows Les Bordes road, looking west towards the ruins of the Oradour-sur-Glane market hall that is right beside the old church. The Les Bordes road intersects Rue de Emile Desourteaux where the big tree stands in the background. The SS soldiers set up a command post on the Masset farm which was east of the town, down this road. The road leads to the hamlet of Bordes and to the village of Peyrillac which is 2 and a half miles northeast of Oradour-sur-Glane.

The photo below shows the Infants school, which was the kindergarten. It is the third building from the corner of the intersection shown in the photo above. In the photo below, the Infants school is the last building on the right.

The Les Bordes road is closed off by a wooden gate, which is shown in the photo below. Farther down this road is the Lorraine refugees school, set back from the road. Eight-year-old Roger Godfrin, a student in this school, was one of the two children who survived the massacre. Lorraine was a province of France that had been incorporated into the Greater German Reich when France surrendered to the Germans in 1940. Roger and his family were refugees who had settled in the village. The rest of his family perished in the massace.

The photo below shows the section of Les Bordes road that is now closed off. Before killing 642 people in the village, the SS soldiers closed off all the exit roads, including this one.