Entrance to the ruins of Oradour-sur-Glane

The sign on the right in the photo above says "Souviens-Toi" and below it is the English translation: Remember. The sign on the ground under the tree says "Silence."

The photo below shows the steps up to the entrance into the ruins, after you come out of the tunnel that begins in the Center of Memory. There is an elevator available for those who can't climb the stairs, although the stairs are not at all steep.

The photo below shows the entrance gate on the right and on the left is the rust-colored side of the tunnel which goes under the road and ends with stairs up to the gate. In the background is the shell of a house which is also shown in the second photo below.

The ruins are encircled by a low wall that is shown in the photo below. This photo was taken from the road that runs past the ruins and enters the new town on a street called "The Tenth of June." The large house with no roof is the former home of Dr. Paul Desourteaux and his son, Dr. Jacaues Desourteaux.

The photo above shows the wall on the right just after you enter the gate to the ruins. The Desourteaux house is hidden behind this wall. The photo below was also taken from the entrance road.