Oradour-sur-Glane Presbytery

The presbytery, or presbyterie, is where the local priests lived. Also known as the rectory, it is located right next to the church. There was no Protestant church in the village.

The Presbytery is shown on the left side of the photo above. On the right side is the exterior wall of the nave of the church. The only survivor of the massacre in the church, Madame Marguerite Rouffanche, jumped from the center window, which is 9 feet from the ground. The ground under the window slants down to a retaining wall that is around ten feet high. She did not jump off this wall, but rather crawled around the presbytery to the garden behind it.

SS soldiers fired machine-guns at her and another woman, who had also jumped from the window, after throwing her baby out for Madame Rouffance to catch. Madame Rouffanche was hit four times in the legs and once in the shoulder, but she managed to crawl along the side of the Presbytery, shown on the left in the photo above. The other woman and her baby were mortally wounded by the shots. Their bodies were later buried by the soldiers who did not find Madame Rouffanche; she had crawled around the corner of the presbytery and into the garden shown in the photo below.

The photo above shows the Presbytery garden where Madame Rouffanche hid among the rows of peas, covering herself with dirt. She remained there until she was rescued at 5 p.m. the next day. The wall of the presbytery is shown in the background of the photo.

There were two priests and a seminary student living in the presbytery. The priests were Jean-Baptiste Chapelle and Jacques Lorich, both of whom were killed in the massacre. The seminary student was a 21-year-old Alsatian named Neumeyer who was a refugee from Schiltigheim, a suburb of Strasbourg. Some of the SS soldiers who perpetrated the massacre were also Alsatians from Schiltigheim who had been drafted into the German army. The bodies of the priests and the student were never identified, so it is unknown if they died in the church or at one of the other killing sites.

The road that goes past the church and the presbytery, shown in the photo above, is the road where the SS soldiers entered the town, traveling north past the church to the upper town at the far end of Rue de Emile Desourteaux.

Exterior of Church

Interior of Church

Doors & Sacistry

Main Altar

Side Altars

Confessional Box

Melted Church Bells

Window used to escape