The confessional box in the Chruch

The photo above shows the confession box, which is still in pristine condition in the ruined church, despite the fact that the church was set on fire, burning the women and children alive, according to the official story.

The photo below shows the transept on the left side where the wooden confessional box is located. Behind the wall is the front door of the church. Note the damage on the arch of the transept. The melted bells are located to the left of this view and very close to the confessional. The great mystery of the massacre in Oradour-sur-Glane is why the confessional box did not suffer any damage from the fire that melted the church bells in the tower. The bodies of two boys were found in the confessional; they had been shot in the neck.

The transept where the wooden confessional box is located is on the left side as you face the main altar. Notice the stone construction of the vaulted ceiling. The confessional has a center door, behind which the priest sat to hear confessions. A person making a confession would kneel in one of the two open sections on either side.

According to a book entitled "Oradour Village of the Dead" by British author Philip Beck, one of the side altars was called the Chapel of St. Anne. Beck quoted Limoges journalist Pierre Poitevin as saying that the infants in their prams and push chairs were placed in the Chapel of St. Anne; he had obtained this information from an interview with Madame Rouffanche while she was recovering from her wounds in the hospital. My guess is that the Chapel of St. Anne is in the right transept, because the left transept was almost completely undamaged, but none of the babies survived. Allegedly babies in their prams were blown up by hand grenades tossed into the church, but the present condition of the inside of the church shows very little damage.

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