Ossuary & bones of Oradour-sur-Glane martyrs

The photo above shows the Ossuary, a tall column that contains the ashes of the unidentified victims of the massarce in Oradour-sur-Glane on 10 June 1944. The monument was financed by one of the survivors who lost his whole family in the massacre; it was paid for by donations. Originally, the remains were to be placed in a crypt that was built by the State, but the families of the survivors rejected this plan after a trial in 1953 in which the convicted perpetrators were granted amnesty.

In the foregound are two glass-topped coffins containing bones, which are the relics of the martyred victims. They are called martyrs because they were innocent French civilians who died at the hands of the German barbarians, murdered for no reason at all by maurading soldiers who plundered the town and then burned all the buildings. The bodies of only 52 of the 642 victims were ever identified; the others were officially declared missing and presumed dead.

The photo below shows a closeup of the coffin on the left side of the Ossuary with the coffin on the right side in the background. The second photo below shows a closer view of the coffin on the right side.

The photo above shows the bones of the unidentified victims, preserved under glass in a coffin. In the background are small memorial plaques placed there by the grieving relatives of the martyrs.

Rouffanche grave

Hebras family grave

Memorial plaques

Lantern for the Dead


The Crypt