Zeppelin Field

Speaker's stand where Hitler stood

The photograph above shows the Zeppelin Field in Nürnberg Germany, as Hitler saw it when he stood at the speaker's stand. The field that stretched before him was filled with 100,000 marching soldiers and there was a capacity crowd of 340,000 spectators.

Marble platform was built in 1934

Today tour busses pass by every hour or so on the broad road in front of the speaker's stand but the driver pauses only for a moment, not even turning off the engine. The younger generation of Germans have gone to great lengths to avoid perpetuating the myth of Hitler and National Socialism. When I was there in May 1997, the few tourists visiting this spot were Americans who thought it was a huge joke to give the Nazi salute.

Workers were tearing down the reviewing stand, May 1997

In the photo above, the speaker's stand, where Hitler stood when he addressed the crowds at the Nazi rallies, is on the far left. On the right is where the Nazi dignitaries sat; this section was being torn down in May 1997.

Important spectators sat to the right of the speaker's stand

The sides of the field, shown in the photograph below, displayed enormous flags with the swastika emblem. Now the former parade ground has been turned into a soccer field with bleachers in the background.

Right side of Zeppelin Field where Nazi flags once waved

Workmen use jackhammers to demolish steps

History of Nazi Rallies

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