Inside the castle at Nürnberg

The Rittersaal, a late Gothic room inside the Kaiserburg

The Kaisersaal inside the Kaiserburg

Antique furniture inside Kaiserburg

One of most interesting sights on the tour of the Kaiserburg is the Double Chapel, called the Doppelkapelle. This chapel has an upstairs room and a downstairs room, connected by an open space in the center. The upper room was for the Kaiser and members of the royal family while the lower room was for the common people. This arrangement is a good example of the hierarchical culture of the Germanic people. The concept of a fortified castle, designed to protect the King from his people, was a Germanic invention; during the same period in history, the Irish and Scottish kings lived among their people and did not have castles for protection until this idea was introduced by the Normans.

Upper floor of Double Chapel was for royalty only

Hans Sachs

Zeppelin Field

Palace of Justice

City of Nürnberg

Bomb Damage

Bombed Churches



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