Talbrucktor - tower above gate into Marienplatz in Munich, May 2007

The photos on this page were taken on a bus tour of Munich in May 2007. Tours leave from the Hertie Department Store across the street from the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) beginning at 9 a.m. every day. The Tour bus which circles the city of Munich, and allows passengers to Hop-on and Hop-off, stops at the Talbrucktor, shown in the photo above, where tourists, who want to visit the Marienplatz, can get off.

Tour bus which circles the city of Munich

The tour buses are double-decker buses like the one in the photo above. On rainy days, the upper deck is covered. The Express Circle bus makes four stops, including the Marienplatz. The Grand Circle bus follows the Express route, but makes additional stops at the Schloss Nymphenburg, Olympia Park and the Siegestor in Schwabing.

Altes Rathaus to the left of the tower on Marienplatz - the central square in Munich

Altes Rathaus (old city hall) at east end of Marienplatz

The Gothic revival Neues Rathaus in the center of the Marienplatz was undergoing some repair work when I visited, so I didn't take a picture of it. After the American Army captured Munich near the end of World War II, the Neues Rathaus was used as the headquarters of the U.S. 7th Army. An inscription on the building reads: "To the soldiers who liberated Munich from the national socialist tyranny on April 30, 1945." This was the same day that Adolf Hitler committed suicide in Berlin and the day after the Dachau concentration camp was liberated by two divisions of the 7th Army. The Neues Rathaus was one of the few buildings left standing in Munich after heavy Allied bombing.

Munich is the birthplace of the Nazi party. There are walking tours of Munich which take tourists to the places associated with Hitler and the Nazis, including the house on Schleissheimerstrasse where Hitler stayed when he arrived in Munich in 1913, the Hotel Torbau which is the site of the beer hall where the SS was founded, and the room upstairs in the Hofbräuhaus where the Nazi party proclaimed its 25-point program. It was at the Hofbräuhaus that Hitler gave a two and a half hour speech on February 24, 1920 to 2,000 supporters.

At the end of the Marienplatz is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Michael, where the Rev. Rupert Mayer preached against the Nazis. A few blocks from the Marienplatz is the Feldherrenhalle where a plaque in the pavement honors the four policemen who were killed during the climax of Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch, which also claimed the lives of 16 Nazis.

The photo below was taken directly across from the Neues Rathaus.

Umbrellas over outdoor tables on Marienplatz

Apfelstrudel mit Eis und Schlag

St. Mary's column on Marienplatz

Meat Store on Rinder Markt near Marienplatz

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