Shiffsmeister Haus in Mauthausen, Austria

Shiffsmeister Haus (Torbau) in Mauthausen, Austria

The photo above shows an old building beside the Danube in Mauthausen, which was for the Ship Master. Note the street paved with Mauthausen granite and the doorway for vehicles to drive through. The highest water mark in Mauthausen was recorded on January 27, 1682.

Gate where the Enns river flows into the Danube at Mauthausen, Austria

A short distance west of this spot, die Radfähre (bicycle ferry) takes bicycle riders, who are following the Donauradweg (Danube bike path) to the Kulturradweg (Culture bike path) where they can ride through Enns, the oldest town still in existence in Austria, dating back to Roman times.

Boat dock on the Danube river in Mauthausen, Austria

This is a photo of the Schiffahrt (boat dock) on the Danube. Boats leave from this dock on weekend trips from Mauthausen to Vienna or Linz during the Summer.


Gerstmayr Museum and Stein Museum in Mauthausen, Austria

The museum is named after Hans Gerstmayr (1882 - 1987). It is located near the boat dock. Not shown here is Heinrichskirche, a new Gothic church, dating back to the year 1000, which is near this building.

Market Place

Historic House


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Gasthof zur Traube

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