Granite Sculpture in Mauthausen, Austria


Granite sculpture in park facing the Danube in Mauthausen, Austria

This sculpure called "Rollfährendenkmal" by Mauthausen sculptor Ingrid Steininger (1940 - 1998) is in memory of the "Fliegende Brücke" last trip 14 Jänner 1962. In the background is the Danube river.

The Danube bicycle trail goes through Mauthausen, which is a very pleasant stop for the many bike riders who travel this route through Austria. The sign on the right in the photo below says Radfahrer-Info, or information for bike travelers.

View of street in Mauthausen which faces the Danube river


Sculpture in the park along the left bank of the Danube in Mauthausen

Granite sculpture in the park along the Danube in Mauthausen, Austria

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