Seyer Haus in Mauthausen, Austria


Seyer-Haus in Mauthausen, Austria

The Seyer-Haus is one of several historic Bürgerhäuser (citizens's houses) on Haindlkai, the quay which faces the left bank of the Danube river in Mauthausen.

Front of Seyer-Haus in Mauthausen, Austria

Close-up of window of Seyer-Haus

Historic Gasthof Grüner Kranz next to Seyer-Haus in Mauthausen

This historic building in Mautahusen was a Chinese restaurant and hotel in 2003. The sign with the small letter i points to the tourist information office.

Historic building at No. 19 Haindlkai in Mauthausen, Austria

Old door in Mauthausen dates back to 1590

Building with Mauthausen granite on wall

Note the small window on the far left; behind the bars is a small religious statue. Many of the buildings in the town of Mauthausen, Austria feature the beautiful granite from the nearby quarry.

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