Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Door at prisoners' gate in Mauthausen

Mauthausen was the most cruel camp in the Nazi concentration camp system, but it was also the most beautiful. Note the handle on the door at the prisoners' gate, shown in the photo above. Great attention was paid to detail in building the prison.

Beautiful granite over main entrance

The Mauthausen prison was built like a fortress, making lavish use of granite from the quarry nearby. In the photo above, you can see the date 1941 on the wall above the main entrance on the inside of the camp.

Another beatiful door at the Mauthausen prison

Chain at the prisoners' gate where inmates were chained up

On the right in the photo above is one of several Jewish memorials at Mauthausen. Note the small rocks that have been left by visitors.

Catholic Church

Camp Artifacts

Main Entrance

The SS yard

Prisoners' Gate

Gas Chamber