Mauthausen Concentration Camp

View of the prisoners' entrance from the road to the quarry

The Mauthausen prisoners entered through this gate which overlooks the quarry where the first prisoners were forced to work at hard labor. The sign on the right points to the "Stairs of Death" leading down into the quarry which is behind the camera in this photo. The area in the foreground, which is now covered with grass, was the former location of the SS barracks. Red plastic fencing has been placed on the right to prevent visitors taking a short cut through the grass to the memorials which are nearby.

Prisoners' gate as seen from inside the prison compound

On the right are reconstructed barracks. The barrack that was closest to the gate was the camp brothel for the inmates.

Prisoners' gate, taken from inside the camp

The prisoners referred to this entrance as the Mongol gate or the Mongolian gate. Note the two guard towers on the top which look like Chinese architecture. On the right is the former Jourhaus which was converted into a bookstore.

Entrance to prison compound at Mauthausen

On the left of the photo above, is the "wailing wall" where incoming prisoners had to stand when they first arrived inside the camp. There were small iron rings in the wall to which the prisoners were chained. On the right of the gate is one of several memorials to the Jews who were murdered in the camp. These were Hungarian Jews who were deported to Auschwitz in 1944, and then transferred to Mauthausen to work in the factories.

Gas Chamber


Beautiful Doors

Catholic Church

Camp Artifacts

Main Entrance

The SS yard

Prisoners' Gate