Mauthausen Quarry Scale Model

Left side of scale model of the Mauthausen quarry

Right side of scale model of the Mauthausen quarry

These two photos show a scale model which is in the Mauthausen museum. In the top photo, in the upper left-hand corner, you can see the Danube river and civilian housing on the hillside above it. On the left, in the middle of the top photo, you can see workshops and living quarters that have since been torn down.

At the top of both photos, you can see the SS barracks where the guards lived. This area is now filled with monuments in honor of the thirty countries from which the prisoners were deported. At the very top of the first photo, you can see the gate into the camp, through which the prisoners entered.

On the right at the top of the second photo, you can see the camp for the sick inmates, also called the "Russian camp" because it was first used as a prison for Soviet POWs. This area is now a graveyard for the victims who died after the camp was liberated.

The guard tower on the edge of the quarry was approximately where the East Germany monument now stands. On the left of the top photo, you can see the road to the camp which starts at the bottom of the quarry with the "Stairs of Death."

The red-roofed buildings shown on the floor of the quarry were Messerschmitt airplane factories located there after 1943. The prisoners worked in the factories under the supervision of civilian employees. The smaller buildings were living quarters for the civilians who worked in the quarry.

Stairs of Death

Mauthausen Quarry


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