Mauthausen Memorials

Memorial plaque to Ludwig Haider

At the Mauthausen Memorial Site, there are numerous private memorials that have been put up by the families of those who died in the camp. Inside the gas chamber at Mauthausen, there are memorials to four of the victims who were gassed. One of those memorials is shown above; it is in honor of Ludwig Haider who was gassed on April 23, 1945, only two weeks before the camp was liberated by American soldiers.

Private family memorials on the wall of the crematorium

Family rembrances on the wall next to the crematory ovens

Wall filled with personal memorials

The green building on the left in the photo above is the former camp laundry and kitchen, which is now a church. The wall on the right is covered with personal memorials placed there by family members of the victims at Mauthausen. This wall is perpendicular to the wailing wall at the prisoner's entrance which is also filled with individual memorials. Note the red plastic fencing which has been placed all over the memorial site to prevents tourists from entering certain areas.

Jewish Memorials

Hungarian and Bulgarian Memorials

GDR (East Germany) Memorial

Albanian Memorial

General Karbyshev Memorial

Memorial for Dutch & British Agents