Mauthausen Memorials

Monument of Albania celebrates victory over the Nazis

The photo above shows part of the monument of Albania, which was erected in 1969. It depicts a defeated German soldier being subdued by the strong arm of an Albanian resistance fighter. Note the swastika on the belt buckle of the fallen soldier. Flowers have been left for the defeated soldier by visitors who may have been confused by this statue which shows a German soldier as the victim, not an Albanian resistance fighter as the victim of the Nazis.

Albanian partisan ready to smash defeated German in the face

This monument conveys the message that World War II was a war of annihilation, winner take all, no second place, no conditional surrender accepted, nothing short of total victory allowed, kick 'em while they're down and then erect a monument to humiliate the vanquished for generations to come. This monument is not about the 300 - 400 Albanians who were among the victims at Mauthausen, but rather a celebration of the anti-Fascist victory over the Hitlerites.

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