Mauthausen Memorials

Monument erected by the government of the former East Germany

The monument of the former GDR (East Germany), which is next to the Jewish monument on the south rim of the quarry, was erected in 1967. It features the statue of a woman who represents the German Motherland and these words written in 1933 by the famous Communist writer Bertold Brecht:

"O Deutschland bleiche Mutter, wie haben deine Söhne dich zugerichtet, dass du unter den Volkern sitzest ein Gespött oder eine Furcht!"

View of farmland through barbed wire of the GDR monument

After World War II ended, the eastern half of Germany became a separate country under the domination of the Soviet Union. East Germany was Communist and the former Communist political prisoners held by the Nazis in concentration camps such as Mauthausen were now regarded as heroes. Bertold Brecht escaped to America before Hitler came to power; after the war, he returned to East Germany where he was again active in the Communist movement.

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