Mauthausen Gas Chamber Details

Heating or cooling pipes on wall of gas chamber

This view of the north wall of the Mauthausen gas chamber shows what appears to be heating or cooling pipes and what looks like a vent hole in the ceiling in the northwest corner of the room. The gas chamber is underground and above it is the open space between the hospital building and the bunker.

East wall of gas chamber on the right, north wall on the left

The photo above shows the opposite end of the north wall with the heating or cooling pipes running the length of the wall. Note the small memorial plaque on the adjoining east wall, in memory of Ludwig Haider who was gassed in this room on April 23, 1945, less than two weeks before the camp was liberated by American troops.

Close-up of showerhead in the gas chamber

Close-up of the only floor drain in the gas chamber

Exit from Gas Chamber