Exit from Mauthausen Gas Chamber

Door on west wall of Mauthausen gas chamber

The open door on the west wall, shown in the photo above, leads to a hallway with access to a corpse room, a single crematory oven, the autopsy room and the execution area. Note the latch mechanisms on the interior side of the door. Don't worry about getting locked into this room; the latch handles are so rusty that they are no longer functional.

Leichen Raum (corpse room)

This corpse room (Leichenraum) is near the gas chamber and can be reached through the door on the west wall of the gas chamber. On the left side of the photo, one can see the wood-paneled execution spot where prisoners were shot in the neck. The door to the outside stairs is to the left of the execution spot, but not shown here.

Air conditioning pipes on the wall of the corpse room

Air conditioning pipes on the wall of the morgue room are shown in the photo above. This photo was taken with flash; the corpse room is almost completely dark.

Autopsy room near Mauthausen gas chamber

The granite-topped autopsy table and a chair, shown in the photo above, are the only furnishings in the autopsy room, which is located in the underground area near the gas chamber. The table was used for removing gold teeth from the mouths of the prisoners who were executed. Note that the floor drain and the brick floor are similar to what is in the gas chamber disguised as a shower room.

Execution Room